Elevator Parts

Elevator Modification Parts

We specialize in elevator modifications, a variety of components and parts can be produced or modified to enhance or update existing elevator systems. These parts are crucial for ensuring the safety, functionality, and efficiency of elevators. Here are some common parts can supply:

Brackets and Mountings:

  • Custom brackets to secure various components within the elevator system.

Elevator Cab Interior Components:

  • Handrails, panels, lighting fixtures, and other interior elements for passenger comfort and safety.

Cab Flooring:

  • Durable and non-slip flooring materials suitable for elevator cabs.

Elevator Car Frames and Supports:

  • Structural components that support the elevator car.


  • Custom weights used to balance the elevator system.

Electrical Panels and Wiring:

  • Customized electrical enclosures for elevator control systems.

Shafts and Guides:

  • Structural elements that guide the elevator car’s movement within the elevator shaft.

Elevator Buffers and Dampers:

  • Safety devices that absorb shock and regulate the speed of the elevator car.

Drive Systems:

  • Components related to the elevator’s motor, gearbox, and braking systems.

Exterior elevator surrounds:

  • Customized stainless steel or painted panels for elevator exteriors.

Elevator door reskinning:

  • Customized stainless steel or painted panels for elevator doors.

3FAB has been our single source supplier for all our CNC cutting, bending and forming needs for over ten years. Very reasonable rates and excellent delivery times. We look forward to continuing our business with them!

Nathan Northcott

I have been dealing with 3FAB for many years. They have always had outstanding service and an amazing finished product. They are our go-to company for all custom fabrication. I highly recommend!!!

AJ Ens

Been dealing with 3FAB for about 7 years now. They are always a pleasure to deal with, and have pulled me from the proverbial fire too many times to count. I would recommend them for any fabrication request.

Matt Bristow

Bravo to 3FAB staff! I’ve had 2 very good experiences both involving small job, detailed custom work! Good communicators! Great Customer Service! Quick & reliable deliveries! A Pleasure to deal with!

Bob Lord

The team at 3FAB are outstanding! I needed rocker panels bent for my project car and they exceeded my expectations. Spot on! Fast efficient friendly! I’ll be using them for future projects!

Brady Kenzie

All great businesses start with mutual trust and respect. Valley Metal has found this in 3FAB, the professionalism goes above and beyond.

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