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At 3FAB we are committed to protecting the environment and to helping ensure the safety and well-being of our employees.


We are committed to ensuring that we leave the minimal footprint possible on our overburdened environment. We do this in several ways with the two primary means being reusing and recycling.

When products are shipped to us on pallets we re-use the pallets to transport our own finished products to our customers.

We recycle all scrap metal as well as purchasing a certain amount of new metal that is made from recycled metal.

We attempt to minimize the amount of paper and other items associated with printing, such as toners, by limiting printing and copying. We achieve this by sending invoices, PO’s and statements to our customers electronically. We also pay the majority of our bills on-line and have direct debit set up with several of our vendors.

Unlike residential, businesses are not provided with recycle programs. We do, however, utilize our personal household recycle program by adding recyclable products such as paper, cardboard and general products for recycle, to our household recyclables. We do the same for items such as old computers, used batteries and toner cartridges, paint, etc. by taking them to the appropriate recycle depots.


Our employees are critical to the success of our business and we highly value their safety and well-being. To this end we employ various practices to ensure the safety of our employees.

All supervisors are responsible for ensuring their employees are trained in approved work procedures that are in place to obtain optimal output without accidents and injuries. Personnel are required to make safety and health a part of their daily routine and to ensure they are following safe work practices and relevant regulations.

Equipment and machine operators receive ongoing training to ensure compliance with industry standards. All equipment is inspected regularly and preventative maintenance is executed by qualified personnel.

Employees are required to wear steel toed footwear in the shop at all times. Safety glasses and ear plugs are also encouraged to help ensure vision and hearing health.